Canning Fruit Producers' Association

The Canning Fruit Producers' Association is the mouthpiece of canning fruit producers in the Western Cape.

Specific aims are:
  • Development of apricot, pear and peach industry
  • Establish necessary facilities and services
  • To serve and keep producers informed
  • Give guidance concerning best methods
  • Protection and improvement of soil and water resources
  • Promote research and development of new cultivars
  • Promote plant improvement
  • Co-operate with other agricultural organisations

We are a voluntary Service organization serving the interests of canning fruit producers.
Due to South Africa’s top quality canned fruit more than 80% goes to the export market.


“Die Krat” is a bi-monthly newsletter which
contains practical information regarding
the canning fruit industry

March 2022
May 2023

Spraying Residue List

Maximum Residue Limits and Recommended Withholding Period for Deciduous Fruit Intended for Processing Purposes.

This document is an Addendum to Doc. No. 67/2021: Clauses relating to the grading of fresh Apricots, Clingstone Peaches and Pears intended for processing in a factory.

Information contained in these pages regarding restricted use of crop protection chemicals confirmed to be used by industry has been compiled from information presently available and is provided as a guide to industry. The Canning Fruit Producers’ Association can however not accept any liability for its accuracy or content and users who rely on this information do so at their own risk.

The industry will be using the Hearshaw and Kinnes Analytical Laboratory (Pty) Ltd, UCT Campus, Cape Town for analyzing purposes.

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